Welcome to Atvance

Atvance was started with a vision to empower people and businesses, and we believe that our training courses do just that for both course Participants and organizations.

We research skills gaps and from there we design and develop our training courses in great detail with the aim to help Learners and organizations reach the next level.

Our objective is to develop well-equipped individuals in areas of required skills and qualifications of national importance that will become part of the South African workforce and/or entrepreneurial base. As a training organization, we are committed to ensure that each learner and organization using our services receives the best level of training through various delivery methods and with relevant and required skill.

Course Types

We offer a wide variety and short courses available to students and professionals.

If you want to secure your job and your future, our nationally recognised courses will give you the confidence to take the next step in your career.

Courses to choose from

Event Co-ordinating

event planner

Overview Events Coordination is one of the up-and-coming careers today. People skills and planning skills are a must, along with a solid foundation like the Trentstone Events Coordinator Course. Learn how to plan an event, starting with identifying exactly what your client requires, in order for that event to meet the desired objectives. You will…

Data Capturer

data capturer

Overview Do you take pride in accuracy while you type? Data capture is a vital part of any organisation. If data is not recorded correctly, the business will be negatively affected. If you enjoy processing and presenting information, and collecting facts about clients, their needs and expectations, a certificate in data capture is suitable for…

Wholesale and Retail Operations Certificate


Overview Climb the ladder of the wholesale and retail industry with this extensive wholesales and retails operations certification. Come join us at our classroom for a full year of extensive training in this specialised field. The Certification is FREE to anyone meeting the criteria. Modules include: Effective stock delivery Management of finances for a new…